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REAL PLUS Eyelash Enhancer
3ml / bottle / box

Increases the growth of eyelashes, including length, thickness and darkness.

REAL PLUS eyelash enhancer through biotechnology extracts the most suitable plant essence for eyelash growth.
Apply REAL+ eyelash enhancer serum through the roots in the eyelashes, directly effect on the eyelash hair follicle cells; provide adequate nutrition for the cells, thus contributing to the normal growth of eyelash.
1. Clean the eyes thoroughly before use, and then apply 2-3 times with brush from the inside corner to the end of eye.
2. No need to wash after use.
3. Use 2 to 5 times per day, you can use it before mascara
4. After reaching the desired growth effect, reduced to once use per night
5. After use, tighten the cap, placed in cold cool place to store.

Walnut oil, parsley, ginger, mustard, Radix DNA extract, horse chestnut extract, pseudo-ginseng extract, licorice extract.